A final word of appreciation to all our former canyon guests who came year after year making us the success that we have become. You are so appreciated. You know who you are. 

​Thank you!

Northwest Drifters, Inc. 

Hi, ​ I am Dan Stumpff an Oregon licensed river guide living here in beautiful southern Oregon. Formerly I outfitted for 40+ yrs on the Rogue river wild & scenic. Those were the good o'l days. However I'm not getting any younger and I yearn for a little less on my plate. So  I recently sold that part of my business to Ben & Jade Bansen of Rogue Rafting Company and Fishin Oregon. I've worked with Ben and can say I know he knows what he is doing. He is  hard working, and a good white water boatman.  He has a great work ethic and  I trust he will do a wonderful  job and take great care of his people. 

To the right you will see a note about the sale of my canyon business ( 3 & 4 day trips ) to Ben Bansen. I will no longer run those trips but will concentrate on day fishing only. However if you want to do the 3 & 4 day fishing or rafting canyon trips  I know Ben will take great care of you. I am confident he can pick on you every bit as much as I did. So give him a call and go have some fun.

Ben Bansen 541-855-7080